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announcement of kameny.pdf
The Washington Blade announced Frank Kameny's campaign for Congress

sam j ervin.jpg
This is a letter that Frank Kameny wrote to Senator Sam J. Ervin about the rights of LGBT people in the government. Kameny wrote a lot of different letters such as this one to discuss the place of homosexuals in government jobs after he was fired for…

This letter was written by James T. Clark, the secretary for the House of Representatives, requesting that Kameny come and testify on the Dowdy Bill, which was proposed in an attempt to outlaw the Mattachine Society of Washington D.C.

This is the first page of the Kameny's testimony in court on the case of the Dowdy Bill, which was designed to outline the Mattachine Society of DC. In this document, Kameny defneds the Mattachine Society and clearly outlines what the organization…

This document is a letter that was written on behalf of The Mattachine Society of Washington DC as a whole, by Frank Kameny, describing the purpose of the organization and outlining its goals. He is requesting that the government change its policies…

Frank Kameny sent out a letter of introduction on behalf of The Mattachine Society to many congressmen, hoping to form some sort of relationship in support of the organization. Unfortunately, in this letter that he received back from Congressman…

A passage from "Gay, Proud, and Healthy", a statement regarding the psychiatric profession and it's relationship with the LGBT community.

LGBT Percentages by State 2010.png
This graph shows what percentage of the total population for each state self identities as LGBT. Individuals were polled during a study conducted by the Gallup Politics Polls in 2012, and the question was, "Do you personally identify as lesbian, gay,…

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white house picket photos.jpg
This collection of photos depicts a protest at the White House in 1965

undeclared witch hunt.jpg
This newspaper clipping talks about the trial of Benning Wenworth against the United States Federal Government that was fought after Wenworth last his security clearance as a government employee after he went public with his homosexual identity. The…
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