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Frank Kameny sent out a letter of introduction on behalf of The Mattachine Society to many congressmen, hoping to form some sort of relationship in support of the organization. Unfortunately, in this letter that he received back from Congressman…

Department of State Letter 1960 pg1.jpg
This letter from the State Department to Frank Kameny clearly states that homosexuals were not seen as qualified to be employed by the government, because they were "threats to national security", and generally treated as second class citizens.

President Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10450 in order to make sexual orientation a legal grounds for dismissal from the US government job sector, on the basis of "keeping up good moral character and conduct". This document shows that the…

Frank Kameny was the founder, and the origin of the shockwave that began the LGBT Rights Activism movement in Washington D.C. He was also the founder of the Mattachine Society

A passage from "Gay, Proud, and Healthy", a statement regarding the psychiatric profession and it's relationship with the LGBT community.

This letter was written by James T. Clark, the secretary for the House of Representatives, requesting that Kameny come and testify on the Dowdy Bill, which was proposed in an attempt to outlaw the Mattachine Society of Washington D.C.

announcement of kameny.pdf
The Washington Blade announced Frank Kameny's campaign for Congress

After being fired from his US Government job in 1957 for being gay, Kameny appealed his case to the court system. He lost in the judicial system twice, and appealed his case to the Supreme Court with a carefully written, unapologetic, 64 page writ of…

This is the first page of the Kameny's testimony in court on the case of the Dowdy Bill, which was designed to outline the Mattachine Society of DC. In this document, Kameny defneds the Mattachine Society and clearly outlines what the organization…

This document is a letter that was written on behalf of The Mattachine Society of Washington DC as a whole, by Frank Kameny, describing the purpose of the organization and outlining its goals. He is requesting that the government change its policies…
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